in balance for well-being

Everything is made up of energy:Who we are but also what we think and feel. If the natural energy flow in the body is out of balance due to trapped emotions it weakens our immune system and expose us to pain, dysfunction or disease.

Our body is a wonderwork with the unique ability to actually heal itself. Energy work through Emotion Code & Body Code supports and encourages this by identifying imbalances and energy blockages through a simple kinesiological muscle test. Here a video showing the muscle test.

This muscle test leads to crucial information regarding the root causes of our ailments by tapping into our subconscious layer. In fact, our subconscious mind accounts for more than 90% of our total consciousness.

A magnet application over our main meridian leads to a dissolution of our blocked energies. The body regains its natural balance and can thus better support the healing process.

Trailer «What is Energy Healing»