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Susanne Gutmans
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Certified Body Code Practitioner
Certified Physiotherapist

Emotion Code Practitioner Body Code Practitioner
M +41 79 758 43 17
Kilchgrundstrasse 24
4125 Riehen, Switzerland

An Emotion and Body Code session lasts between one and one and a half hours and costs 105 Swiss Francs an hour. It may need several sessions.

Upon completing each session, my clients receive a detailed report which provides us with the opportunity to review the findings and the progress.

When dealing with children, people with physical or mental disabilities or with animals, emotion code sessions in their customary surroundings may be of advantage. In this case I charge a small path flat.

Remote sessions are possible as well. The contact runs via Skype, Facetime, etc.

I can hold sessions in Danish, German and English and I understand French, Swedish and Norwegian.