emotion & body code in overview

> What is the Emotion & Body Code?
Emotion & Body Code are energy methods which intend to identify and release imbalances in order to support and stimulate our selfregulating ability.

> Who is Dr. Bradley Nelson?
Dr. Bradley Nelson is a holistic chiropractor, a craniopath, a specialist in the field of bioenergetic medicine and energy psychology. He is considered a pioneer in holistic health care.

> What are Trapped Emotions?
Emotions are made of energy and vibrate at different frequencies. So-called negative or stressful emotions vibrate at a low frequency. So-called positive or energising and elevated emotions vibrate at a high frequency. In situations where we cannot deal with a negatively experienced emotion, a part of this vibrational frequency remains blocked within us. We call these trapped emotions.
These can also be inherited and passed on.

> What is Emotional Baggage?
Emotional baggage is acquired during emotional painful life experiences and are stored somewhere in our body. It's akin to carrying an extra suitcase. Releasing this extra load sets a lot of energy free and we feel lighter.

> What is a Heart Wall
A heart wall is an energy wall consisting of trapped emotions. It is created by the subconscious mind as a result of emotional injury in order to protect against further injury and to decrease vulnerability.
Children and animals may also create heart walls.

> What are Inherited Emotions?
It often happens that we, in addition to the genetic material of our parents, also inherit trapped emotions from them - or even further generations back. We too can pass on emotional energy to our children. These energies are easily identifiable and resolvable.

> Who profits from Emotion & Body Code?
Everyone, no matter which age - and animals, since they can develop energy blockages too. The process is the same. A good example is our dog. After a stressfull experience as a puppy at the vet, she developed anxiety at every vet consultation. Since I released the trapped emotions, the consultations are no longer a problem.