the heart, our second brain

The heart wall is one of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s important discoveries and one who is particularly close to my heart. It ultimately inspired me to name my services «light at heart».

In times of emotional stress or suffering our heart can get impacted severely. Expressions like «heartache» and a «broken heart» are not coincidental. In such situations, the subconscious mind builds a wall of the energy of trapped emotions. These protect our heart in several layers, just like an onion.

This protection serves us well during difficult phases but at a high cost. The heart wall does not dissolve on its own, it may cause shoulder / neck pain and tension. Giving and receiving love becomes increasingly difficult. This condition often leads to feeling depressed and lonely. Dr. Nelson’s 20 years experience suggests that heart disease can in fact be linked to the heart wall.

By releasing these trapped emotions around the heart, our attachment to ourselves and to our fellow human beings is once again allowed to thrive. Idioms like «a load off my shoulders» or «light-hearted» are appropriate descriptions for this phenomenon.