around emotion & body code

> What happens at an Emotion & Body Code Session?
An initial conversation brings us to determine a lead question. For example: Is there an underlying cause of neck pain? A series of kinesiological muscle tests guide us through a process of yes and no questions. The resolution of an identified energy blockage is achieved by means of applying a magnet across the main meridian.

> What is a kinesiological muscle test?
A kinesiological muscle test is a method by which we can get important information about our health and wellbeing. We ask targeted, simple questions that can be answered with yes or no. Example: We want to know if there is a deeper cause of shoulder pain. As I ask this question, I apply light pressure to the client's bent forearm. If the arm remains strong, the answer is «yes», if the arm becomes weak, the answer is «no». Here a video showing the muscle test.

> What is a Magnet Application?
A magnet is bundled energy and aids in releasing energy blockages. It works almost like a credit card which stores all the information about our payment activities. But it may not be exposed to a magnet since otherwise all information would be deleted. Applying magnets to solve energy blockades works in the same way. In the case of a pacemaker or something similar I can use the hand that is surrounded by the electromagnetic field.

> Remote Emotion & Body Code Sessions. How does it work?
The client does not necessarily have to be next to me, Emotion & Body Code sessions can also be held at a distance. The energy is the same whether near or far. I connect energetically with the person and practice the muscle test on me to identify the deeper causes of the problem. I then release it with the magnet on myself but since we are energetically connected, the release actually happens to the person I am working with.

> What are Meridians?
Meridians are known from TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can think of them as small rivers of energy that flow just beneath the skin. Each meridian is assigned to a functional circuit. This knowledge is more than 5000 years old.

> How soon are changes noticeable?
Some experience changes instantly while others notice them over time. It depends on the individual and on the particular situation. It usually takes several sessions to achieve a noticeable change.

> Which effects may you expect?
An Emotion & Body Code session trigger a process which may last up to three days. The energy released reorganizes itself and conditions such as tiredness, irritability, dizziness or even nausea may occur. Adversely, you may experience enhanced energy, cheerfulness and lightness. It’s important to get sufficient rest, to drink plenty of still water and to avoid stressful situations in order to support a positive development.

> May I receive Emotion & Body Code sessions while undergoing medical treatment?
Absolutely. Energy work may in fact be a valuable enhancement to your medical treatment but it is never meant to be a substitute. By correcting deep-seated blockages, we reduce stress in the body and support the healing process.