body code, activate self-healing

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, there are 6 core areas that play a vital role in our health and well-being. With the Body Code we can identify where the causes of our ailments come from and then resolve them as described under 'Energy Work' and 'Response'.

Energies:Here we release harmful emotional and mental energies that have gotten blocked in stressful and traumatic situations in our lives, so that they no longer accompany us, inhibit us and make us ill.

Circuits:Here we balance imbalanced circuits in the body between muscles, organs, glands, acupuncture meridians etc.

Toxicity/toxic substances:Here we identify if the body has toxins that weaken and burden the body. For example heavy metals.Pathogens: Here we can identify if pathogens weaken the fine equilibrium and burden e.g. virus, bacteria, parasites, mould and fungus are identifiable.

Pathogene/Krankheitserreger: Hier können wir identifizieren, falls Krankheitserreger das feine Gleichgewicht schwächt und belastet z.B. Parasiten, Schimmel und Pilz sind identifizierbar.

Structural:Here we can identify misalignments of muscles, bones but also organs and glands and stabilize and correct them in a non-invasive way.

Nutrition and lifestyle:Is the body missing something? Or does it not tolerate something? Or is there another imbalance in the form of dehydration or possibly a magnetic field imbalance? These are examples we find in this area.